Perreaux cables.... icing on the cake

Hi Marty

I thought I’d send you a email letting you know that my Perreaux speaker cables arrived and look fantastic, but more importantly I was blown away by the improvements in sound they made to my system. I had read articles on the internet with some saying speaker cables make no difference and others saying they make a massive difference and I fell into the unsure category. As I am running a full Perreaux amp setup I thought I’d give your cables a go, I figured you guys wouldn't produce a average cable to be used with such high quality amps and at worst case scenario, at least they would look cool.

Well, what I ended up with was best case scenario, I still can't quite believe how much more detail I am now hearing, especially in the highs, there seems to be so much more getting through yet everything is easy to follow and feels like there is more room around each instrument. The sound stage has widened and the image has improved, drums now sound like they are coming from the centre of the band. It is like my old cables were strangling the music and not allowing the amps and speakers to perform at their full range. These are fantastic cables and look cool as.

Am I happy? .......... you bet and I would have easily paid more for these cables had I known how much of a improvement they were going to make. Keep up the great work, love your gear.

Thanks Lee

PS, here is a few pics of my setup, sweet eh. 

Perreaux comments on Lee R system ... Lee is using a high quality turntable and cartridge which then feeds into the Perreaux VP3 MM/MC phono pre amplifier. This then feeds the Perreaux DP32 USB DAC preamplifier and out to the mighty Perreaux 350 power amplifier.  What a nice combination. Lee has now used Perreaux loudspeaker cables between the output of the 350 to his Focal floorstanding loudspeakers.

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