Building the 'Dream System'

Here's something that happens only on rare occassions.

We were contacted by Mike and Leanne. They had discovered 'Kiwi Made' Perreaux and telephoned to tell us how happy they were with their newly purchased  amplifier. Coming across Perreaux has been a happy association and opportunity to gain insights and meet passionate like minded people who own quality systems and enjoy music played to its potential. From this telephone call, we became friends, as they went on to put together the 'Dream System'

The thought of a really great audio system can be a lifelong journey. For some it ends when they are placed into a pine box, 6 ft into the ground! Like Mike and Leanne, it can start by chancing accross something. That something can end up becoming a key which unlocks and opens a door to a enjoying great audio. 


Brick by Brick

Systems such as theirs usually don't just get ordered and turn up overnight. Every step along the way is another logical progeression in order to develop and extract the most from their music. Just like building a wall, it is done one brick at a time and what we share with you is the end result of an exciting journey. It never really ends, there is always new products, tweaks and music to consider. Music is what it's all about after all. 


This term can be loosely applied to mean any 'source' of music that you are utilising in your system. The prime source for Mike and Leanne, is high quality vinyl pressings. If you are a vinyl enthusiast, then above all else is the need to obtain a sufficient collection of fresh high quality vinyl that continues to pique your interest. The notion of going vinyl just so you can play your old collection is an outdated concept, as the market has rapidly grown to offer a wide variety of pressings. To my thinking, vinyl will continue grow, eventually surpassing CD sales and it may eventually settle on Vinyl & hi bit rate streaming.

DVD/CD player, yes off course CD's are still popular and above all, convenient to use.

Apple TV (Chromecast) streamers, for online music and movies to be streamed through the system. To also facilitate for guests who wish to play music/movies from their devices.

Not to be overlooked, your TV is a valuable source of voice/music, to be amplified and played through your audio system. Surely it is all about maximising usage after all.

Prime movers

Mike and Leannes' prime mover is a Rega P9 turntable, upgraded drive belts, fitted with a 12" arm and a Benz 'Ruby' low output moving coil cartridge. Just because they can, they also have a second Sony PS/X60 direct drive turntable fitted with a Denon DL/103R high output moving coil cartridge. Both turntables are simultaneously connected and optimised to a single Audiant VP3 MM/MC Phono pre amplifier. The VP3 is pretty unique in as much as you can simultaneously connect and optimise 2 turntables and select between them from the VP3 front panel. I guess it also leaves open the possibility of trialling alternate turntables cartridges, using a duplicate recording. This then also gives the user the ability to contrast vinyl sources and pressings.

The nerve centre

The Audiant DP32 can be considered to be the nerve centre of Mike and Leannes' audio system. It enables useres to select between a variety of analogue and digital sources and to control system volume, either via the front panel, or via the IR system remote. 

Lets take a moment to consider how the Audiant DP32 is used in the 'Dream System'. 

  • Analogue output from the Audiant VP3 phono preamplifier and its' twin connected turntables
  • Digital SPDIF output from CD player in order to utilise and optimse the superior internal Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) within the DP32.
  • Digital Optical output from TV. Apart from cable and antenna, the TV is also supplied from the Apple TV (Chromecast) via HDMI cable. By allowing the TV to accept a variety of sources such as Apple TV, you can also ensure that whenever you watch movies as well as music videos, you will always the ability to enjoy superior sound through your audio system.

Dual Power Amplifiers

Not content to have a Prisma 350W stereo Power amplifier, Mike and Leanne have gone all out and opted for the very best, the mighty Prisma 750W Monoblock Power Amplifiers This provides a dedicated power amplifier for each loudspeaker. Not only do you have twice the power on tap as the prisma 350, but you also have complete channel separation. Nothing is bigger, tighter and cleaner than a pair of Prisma 750 Monos. Consider each amplifier to be the equivalent of a huge hydro electric dam. They are in fact your loudspeaker power supplies. Clearly it needs to be sufficiently large to deliver peak demand and musical surges. With respect to amplifiers, the rule bigger is best is certainly true. You require large amplifiers in order to excert absolute authority over your loudspeaker drivers. A weak amplifier will struggle to render the kind of tight and punchy performance that certain types of loudspeakers have been designed to deliver. The Prisma 750 Monoblocks instantaneously remove all doubts and maximises system integrity in every instance.

Loudspeakers ... the final frontier

One of the reasons why we've developed our own Perreaux loudspeakers is that we were tired of all the misinformation surrounding these critical components. Occasionially we have the pleasure of speaking directly to buyers about system components and I have to say it's always a pleasure to listen and offer advice. Simple things can often be very confusing.



Here are a few examples: 

Matching loudspeakers to your amplifier

Multiple binding posts on loudspeakers

Loudspeaker Passive Radiators

The loudspeaker represents the culmination of of the entire hi fi system. Consider it to be the 'tip of the spear' All the energy in the world can be used to throw the spear, but unless its tip is hard and very pointed, it will invariably fail to penetrate the target. So too with your ears. The loudspeaker is 'The transducer' whose task it is, to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to generate air pressure waves of precise length and duration towards your ear. Frankly it is a formidable task and something that only the very best loudspeakers are capable of doing an adequate job of.

Enter the fabulous Perreaux SR58  zero compromise loudspeakers, who are controlled by the Prisma 750. There is no escapng this combination of accuracy and power. Drivers are held in a vice like grip as they are thrust inwards and outwards at incredible speed and precision. I can't overemphasise the value of this combination to any serious listener.


Comprehensive systems such as Mike and Leannes benefit from high quality loudspeaker and interconnect cabling. Perreaux offer the solution to perfectly meet your requirements. There is simply no point in cutting corners with inferior cabling. To obtain a high quality system you will also require high quality cabling.

You can read more about Perreaux cabling here.

Icing on the cake

An ocean of sound with awe inspiring dynamics and detail

 So what does it all amount to in the long run. I describe Mike and Leannes' system as like 'diving deep inside the sound' and becoming totally immersed within a vast ocean of sound. You are actually there with zero spatial separation between you and the musicians. It is as though you can actually reach out and touch the singer, bass and guitar players. Over there is the sax, and behind them all sits a tight fisted drummer rythmically smashing down on his peddle 'kick-drum'. 

 System highlights

This system will faithfully deliver unparalleled levels of richness and generosity of tone, providing the sophistication of sound to all those that enjoy smaller scale works in classical music, acoustic jazz, soft pop and female vocals. A kick-drum produces a quick and initially sharp, high energy sound and is an excellent test of any woofers ability to accurately re-produce. You will be impressed by the exceptional accuracy of performance in this important area. From the initial strike of the pedal mallet on the skin of the drum, all the way through to its eventual decay; the feeling is always of tremendous weight and presence. Deep Bass is also produced with convincing energy and realism. The overall bass response of  the system can be portrayed as an 'iron fist in a velvet glove'.  Its unique ability to not only reproduce the high energy punch demands of a kick-drum, but simultaneously able to provide the softer rounder sounds which are characteristic of deep bass. These system attributes are highly desirable for all those that love music in all it rich and complex formats.

Where to from here?

Our sincere thanks to Mike and Leanne for their generous support and friendship. We did have a conversation about adding some very serious sub woofers to the system ..... who knows .... only time will tell. Lets check in with them in some years from now and see how it all stacked up. I'm guessing that they have replaced their TV several times and no doubt enjoy high quality streaming as standard, probably 3D hollographic VR imaging? .... but can you beat that sound....I feel you will be hard pressed to replicate what they have built, no matter what the price or specifications.



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