Germany gives the Prisma 350 high praise.

German hifi magazine has just completed a full review of the Prisma 350 power amplifier. 

They write:

It's so much more than sheer force, there's a finesse and an expression, colour and the pleasure of the game.

One almost feels that the amp as a translator of musical content and emotions.

This perception, however, which is accompanied by the beauty of the sound, is not bought with tonal lies.

The 350 does not alter the original sound, but simply a power pack with depth and exceptional clarity of sound.

No matter what kind of music the NZ powerhouse puts out, it always seems to have a sense of what's important in the music and places the focus on it just at the right moment – completely independent from the selected volume.

However, this does not bring a 50-watt amplifier to my attention, no matter how high the quality of it may be.

The best comes last, because as soon as the Prisma 350 enters my heart, I forget it as a device in the Hi-Fi chain again. And that's a big compliment, because when I listen to PERREAUX I simply feel a lot of fun in the music.


“The Perreaux 350 'Power Amplifier’ can be enjoyed by music lovers as their long term amplifier. The colour and expressiveness of the Prisma 350 is strongly reminiscent of very good tube amplifiers, which simply can't compete with the enormous power of this New Zealand power amplifier.

Perreaux products are available in Germany. You can find your nearest German dealer here.

You can read more on the 350 from our website here.

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