Taiwan reviews 750W Monos 'Diamonds hidden among the stones'

It is always exciting to receive such a positive review for our products from overseas.

Sincere thanks to our Taiwanese agents for their strong efforts.

We've been in business since 1974, so I guess you could say, we know a thing or two about high quality audio and our Prisma 750W Monoblock Power Amplifiers are where it's at when it comes to a very serious amp, capable of driving any speaker load and making it sing like an exotic bird of paradise.

You can read about the Perreaux Prisma 750W Monoblock Power Amplifiers here.

Our Taiwanese agent has sent through this absolute gem of a review.

The catchall phrase is:

I really feel that the Prisma 750 is a diamond hidden amongst the stones. The Perreaux style is an old fashioned thick, solid chassis, simple shape, but the genius is contained within the driving force and control that its' 750W offers. The control over the trumpet, accuracy and the real recreation of music, is a hidden musical gem and its high power delivery is worthy of attention of music connoisseurs to saviour.

You can read the full review here.

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