Could this be the finest Hi-Fi system ever?

BMC Hi-Fi in Melbourne Australia currently has on demo a pair of the legendary Perreaux Prisma 750W Monoblock power amplifiers driving a pair of Brodmann’s top of the line JB205 A$132,000 floor standing loudspeakers.


Could this be finest sounding hi-fi system ever assembled?

There can be little doubting of the pedigree of the Perreaux/Brodmann combination. Perreaux has been designing and manufacturing hi end audio amplifiers in New Zealand since 1974. Viennese, based Brodmann is world renown for their manufacture of pianos and in more recent times have refocused their refined craftsman skills towards the development of a stunning range of audiophile quality loudspeakers. The Brodmann loudspeakers are exceptional on account of their slim and statuesque frontal profile and exceptional clarity and accuracy of sound. Using the same time honoured hand selected real wood veneers and lacquer finishes as featured on their range of pianos, Brodmann is the clear choice for the connoisseur of highest quality audio reproduction.

The powerful and all controlling, Perreaux Prisma 750W Monoblock power amplifiers will tame and exert absolute authority over even the toughest speaker loads. Paired with these behemoths are no less than the Brodmann flagship floor standing model JB205 loudspeakers. Standing an imposing two meters tall and weighing more than 75kg per cabinet. Not only will you feel their presence, but with a nominal impedance of around 3 ohms and the ability to comfortably handle up to 1000W RMS power per loudspeaker, nothing less than the mighty Perreaux 750's will suffice. The 750 are able to deliver 1300W into a 4 ohm load, so there’s still plenty of headroom for those times when you want to 'feel the force' of the recording. What a combination!
Could this be the best hi-fi set up ever assembled?
If you’re in Melbourne Australia, get to BMC Hi-FI and audition this awesome pairing for yourself. BMC Hi-FI stock the complete ranges from both manufacturers, so they will have something to suit all tastes and budgets. Appointments preferred.


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