German mag reviews VP3 phono pre amp

Our German agent, brings news of an absolutely stellar review of the Audiant VP3 mm/mc phono pre amplifier in the prestigious German Image Hifi magazine. The world of vinyl and its associated paraphernalia is a hotly contested area of the sophisticated German market.


Reviewer: Amré Ibrahim

Photographer: Rolf Winter

Quotes translated from German into English by Perreaux 

  • Using the Audiant VP3, almost every MC, High-Outpt-MC, MI or MM pickup can be used. The DIP switches also allows you to select between RIAA or IEC RIAA equalization curves.
  • The VP3 features an outstanding functional touch display panel including mono selection switch - all that for only 2100 Euros! 
  • Build quality is tops. The white LED display is easy to read during the day and doesn’t disturb your eyes during nightime sessions.
  • The Perreaux Audiant VP3 is a very exceptional Phono pre amplifier with features and style normally only found in much more expensive preamplifiers.  Aurally it is amazing and simply pokes its tongue out at its more expensive competitors.

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 Thank you. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Image hifi reviewer, Amré Ibrahim, who in our opinion undertook the single most thorough and detailed examination and review of any product that we have ever had reviewed to date. Amré asked very detailed questions and it immediately became clear to us that here was a man who was completely serious and ultra scrupulous in his review process. Full marks from Perreaux go to Amré, for what we can only say was a no stone left unturned approach. Rolf Winters photographs are also exceptional and also work to enhance the excellent review. An excellent effort gentlemen.


You can read the full German review of the vp3 here.


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