Witchdoctor ... Audiant SR58 preview

We spent many months developing and trialing prototypes of the Audiant SR58 loudspeaker. When it all finally came to a conclusion, it felt like a heavy weight being lifted from our shoulders. it was also a moment of immense pride to see our new baby taking its first steps in the big wide world.

We desire our new product to be enjoyed by others, and all the more so by people of influence, who’s opinions are valued and count for something. NZ based reviewer, Gary Steel was to be that man for us. He took time out to spend an evening with us at a local clients home to listen and take in the sound of our new loud speakers.

Having always enjoyed Garys' writing style; his no nonsense call it as he sees it approach is refreshing. If he's unhappy about something, then he will not try pulling punches, rather he will tackle the issue. I find that honesty refreshing and something I would like to see from more reviewers. Not some sugar coated meaningless tomb of a document that might skirt around sensitive issues. It is therefore with great pleasure that I present to you the first preview of the new Audiant SR58 floor standing loudspeaker.

Our sincere thanks to Mike and his devoted partner, Lee Anne for their incredible generosity and hospitality. We love you guys!

Read Gary's review on the Audiant SR58 here.

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