Zero background noise ... big rewards

  • 15 Apr, 2016
  • Perreaux

Have you ever considered how easy and cheap it is to enjoy an engaging audio performance. One of the lowest cost and most immersive methods has to be to purchase a set of in-ear speakers. It's easy to see why so many of the younger generation feel that their journey into the world of audio begins and ends with a device like the Apple iPhone and a pair of in-ear speakers! It is only after having enjoyed their solo experience and feeling so inclined to share with others, does their world come crashing down as they are presented with the huge gap between their personal listening space and filling a room to equivalent levels of musical enhancement.

Human hearing is an incredible sense; it's actually possible for speech to be understood in close proximity to a screaming chainsaw motor. That said, hearing works best and is a far less fatiguing experience in the absence of distracting extraneous sounds. 

Assuming you enjoy listening to music in the comfort of your home, here are a few tips to enhance the pleasure of the experience.

Reducing road noise Double glazing windows and hanging heavy drapes in your home can both substantially reduce the negative effects of living near a busy road with traffic speeding past at all hours of the day and night.

The use of hardwood floors can be another source of problems within your home. Noise conducts exceptionally well on hard surfaces, ultimately resulting in a more "live" and noisy home environment. Fitting floor runner carpets in key areas can help to substantially reduce this effect.

Appliances such as heat pumps, dishwashers and refrigerators are all contributors of background noise, and should be isolated from your listening room by a door or simply by switching off the appliance as in the case of heat pumps or dishwashers when listening to music.

Carpeting your listening room will also help to absorb background noise within your listening area.

Quiet part of the house Another strategy is to consider listening to music and movies in another part of your house which is away from the main areas of activity.

Dedicated media room Ultimately, a dedicated media room is one of the best methods of reducing background noise. Not only can you specifically construct the room to attenuate outside noises, but you can also physically remove yourself from the rest of the household.

Cone of silence If all else fails, Max Smart and the Chief had it sorted all those years ago ... simply lower the cone of silence!

So there you have it, a few simple tips towards achieving greater levels of satisfaction from your audio system by reducing background noise as opposed to turning up the volume.


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