Nick Drake anyone?

  • 19 May, 2016
  • Perreaux

I was listening to the Paul Weller (The Jam, Style Council) interview on BBC, "Desert Island Discs" and he mentioned that Nick Drake was an incredible artist.

Wow, talk about coming across a diamond in the rough. Nicks' songs are all incredibly beautiful, emotional constructs, I just had to share this wonderful artist with you.

Dogged by depression, and ultimately cut down in his prime (26) by suicide, Nicks' 3 albums were never chart successes. Posthumously discovered, people finally began to appreciate what a genius the young man really was.

Please check out his 3 albums.

 Five Leaves left

Bryter Layter

Pink Moon

You can also get a feel for Nicks' sound by checking out the youtube link here. Please check the third song at 13.30 mins in ... hauntingly beautiful.

Once in a rare moment, you come across something very special. A gifted, but sadly underappreciated musician who succumbed to his demons, only to posthumously rise again through the sharing of his music.

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