New DAC's coming soon

New DAC's coming soon!

Here at Perreaux our DAC's (Digital to analogue converters) are undergoing development and getting a face lift.  

Eloquence series DAC module upgrade

We are working on a new highest spec DAC module for the Eloquence series 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers. 

Audiant series standalone DAC

We have settled on the name and excited to introduce to you, The Audiant DC8X. The Audiant DC8X will be the finest ever standalone DAC product we have ever developed. If you love Perreaux and are considering upgrading your existing DAC or purchasing one to enhance your system ... then hold that thought and wait until the new Audiant DC8X comes out. 

As we are still in development we are unable to release technical details of our new DAC's just yet.

When can you get your hands on our new DAC's? 

Good things take time and as of yet a release date is not confirmed but stay tuned and we will update you soon!

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