Roots Rock Reggae

  • 30 May, 2016
  • Perreaux

Where were you when Bob Marley released his masterpiece called 'Exodus' in 1977? 


Wikipedia states: 'Exodus is a reggae album, incorporating elements of blues, soul, British rock and funk. The album's production has been characterized as laid-back with pulsating bass beats and an emphasis on piano, trumpet and guitar. Unlike previous albums from the Wailers, Exodus thematically moves away from cryptic story-telling; instead it revolves around themes of change, religious politics, and sex. The album is split into two halves: the first half revolves around religious politics while the second half is focused on themes of sex and keeping faith.' Bob Marley was famous for such songs as:

One Love  No woman no cry  Buffalo Soldier  Could you be loved  Jammin  Lively up yourself





 I'm also a fan of Gregory Isaacs, reggae style. Gregory Isaacs performs 'Night Nurse' here.

And then there was UB40 ... who could forget this incredible band with tracks like 'Red Red Wine' and 'Kingston Town' I really liked their early album called 'Signing Off' 


Evolving style

Finley Quaye, sound whilst not strictly Reggae could be characterised as 'Reggae Fusion' is an excellent example of the continuously evolving nature of the musical format. I particularly enjoyed his 1997 album, titled 'Maverick A Strike'

Then there are great bands like New Zealand's own .... Fat Freddy's Drop, singing 'Ernie' which I just can't help feel has a bit of the Ol Reggae is going through them. Check out 'Ernie' here.

 If you love music, then there has got to be a place in your heart for Reggae and its diverse forms.

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