The moods of music

  • 16 Jun, 2016
  • Perreaux

The moods of music

At Perreaux, we're busy designing and manufacturing highest quality audio componentry. The end result of which is that when you listen to music, it has every chance of sounding as good as it can. Importantly, there are all manner of things you will need to pay attention to and cover off in order to achieve exceptional sound. That said, utilizing exceptional Perreaux audio components is always a great starting point. Great product aside, here are some of the more routine aspects that you may also need to take into account. 

Your mood So how are you feeling? Have you had a stressful day at work and are now wanting to relax, or are you still feeling stressed out and not really in the right mood to engage? Mood is all important. Feeling relaxed, ready listen and take it all in is a huge benefit to the experience.

Magnifying effect Depending on your selection, music can greatly enhance or magnify your mood. Please take care to select the right music.

Alone Are you alone and do you want to be alone? If you are, then take care that you select music that at least maintains and possibly works to elevate your feelings. Music is such a powerful medium that if not carefully selected, can cause significant disruption to your wellbeing.


Lights camera action Are you aware that the 80/20 rule applies to audio? Sight is 80% of your sensory bandwidth, leaving 20% to Sound. If you want to enhance the 20%, it may be a good idea to switch off the lights and cut down on visual stimuli, which will have the effect of enhancing sonic bandwidth. Oh and it can also help to close your eyes as this will even further reduce light intake.

Warm make sure you are nice and warm. A warm and cozy room is so much more inviting than a cold one.


Beer or wine? Personally I enjoy a really cold glass of beer when listening to music. My trick is to keep my large beer glasses in the freezer, which ensure the beer is always enjoyed ‘ice cold’.


Give it a little time It takes time to enjoy the full benefits of a dose of mood enhancing music. So be patient and give it a little time to work its beautiful magic.


Smile, tap your feet and ….. What you do in the confines of your own home, with the lights off and the music turned up is strictly your business. Suffice to say, music can make you smile, tap your toes and heaven forbid, it could even elevate you out of your chair and dare I say it….boogie…hahaha

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