The look of love

  • 9 Jun, 2016
  • Perreaux

The look of love

'The Look of Love' is a popular song composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and originally sung by English pop singer Dusty Springfield, which appeared in the 1967 James Bond film, Casino Royale.

I’ve long been a fan of Burt Bacharach. I can recall as a child, my parents receiving a gift of a record by Burt Bacharach called ‘Reach out’. That record must have been thrashed to death. Mum and Dad used to put it on sometimes when we went to bed, and I can remember every note, every tiny nuance down to the very finest detail. What an incredible record it was and what a fabulously talented composer and artist Burt Bacharach is. I strongly suggest you reach out for your own copy of ‘Reach out’. Absolute gold!

Anyway I digress; the purpose of this is to showcase the distinct voices of Dianna Krall and Dusty Springfielkd . So first up is one of our all time favorite female singers, Dianna Krall singing her rendition of ‘The look of love’

Dianna Krall makes full use of her nose to impose a very nasally overtone to the song. It reallys is is a super slick recording and her distinctive voice is so very seductive.

You listen to Dianna Krall's version here.


Next up is Dusty Springfield's faboulous original recording.


Both masterpieces in their own unique way, wouldn’t you agree.

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