Exclusive agent for Australia appointed

  • 19 Jul, 2016
  • Perreaux

We are excited to announce that we have a new distributor in Australia who is totally commited to increase our presence within the Australian marketplace. Mark Gusew and Allen Nuendorf will be distributing Perreaux from their well established BMC Wholesale operation in Melbourne, with a goal of making Perreaux more accessible and avaiable to the Australian public. 

Located in the inner city suburb of Burwood, you can call over anytime to experience the Perreaux sound at the Burwood Music Centre which stands "For all things musical!” 

Burwood Music Centre is a building full of truly interesting musical areas. With ‘Audiophile Reference Recordings’ occupying the entrance of the building and ‘New Village Studios’ at the rear, it leaves the main area for ‘BMC Hi-Fidelity’ with its large display areas, full of Perreaux and Brodmann loudspeaker products. There are three quality listening rooms, including the “Maven Room”, a 32 seat intimate theatre with its state of the art stereo system and multi-channel system for high quality demonstrations.

The BWC Team of Mark and Allan are lifelong music lovers and becoming the Australian distributor for Perreaux was the missing piece to their musical entourage. 

Mark Gusew “After listening and reviewing many respected audio products, I decided to put my own money into a Perreaux DP32 DAC/Preamp, for the reason that it just sounded so good and was great value for money. Little did I know at the time, that events would transpire that we would shortly afterwards be appointed the Australian distributor for Perreaux. I am delighted to be associated with Perreaux and am confident that we can bring true musical enjoyment to more Australians.”

As a young child, Mark was fascinated with record players and all things musical. He started his first audio consultancy business in the early 1980’s whilst also working professionally in the electronics industry. He has written equipment reviews for StereoNET and now manages the sales operations for BMC Wholesale. Mark enjoys searching for great albums and wishes that there were more hours in the day to play them.

Allan Neuendorf  "I have fond memories of using Perreaux amplifiers in many concert sound systems during my time
 as a FoH mixing engineer. Today I'm excited to be associated with the brand again, albeit in a totally different way. It's quite a testimony for a company that in a world of mass produced products, the quality of build and sound of Perreaux today is equally as good as the Perreaux I knew many years ago."

After 10 years’ experience as a front of house mixing engineer for live concerts, Allan settled into a 25 year stint of firstly building and then managing his own professional recording studio. He now concentrates his engineering talents to studio mastering duties as he manages the various departments within the Burwood Music Centre.

If you are in Melbourne, check out the Burwood Music Centre and truly experience the sound of Perreaux or check out their website: https://burwoodmusiccentre.com.au/  


A little Aussie humor from Mark and Allen for their Kiwi Perreaux mates accross the ditch

Mark and Allen comment on their newfound mateship with Martin from Perreaux

Martin was born at a very early age and totally naked. At the age of 8 he had his bike stolen and was forced to do paper round on foot. At 19 he had to abandon his dream of becoming an astronaut because of his fear of heights & aliens. At 25 Marty failed in becoming the 4th member of Bananarama due to having a singing voice. At 30 a back injury squashed his dream of becoming a rap dancing champion. At 39 he lost all his money (around $25) in a dropped wallet incident. But despite all the adversity, the pain and anguish and through sheer grit and determination, he managed to complete his first novel ....He plans to read a 2nd one very soon.


Marty comments .... “I’m mildly happy with the boys at BMC Wholesale. For a nation of underarm bowlers and whingers, they are ok.” NO credit! Baaaa!


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