Aspirational quality

  • 27 Sep, 2016
  • Perreaux
Aspirational quality
It's easy to gloss over something as important as quality when considering the purchase of an audio component. So lets take a moment to consider its broader implications. Most products are built to a 'price point'. The logic being that if you put more quality in, it costs more, so designers need to be vigilant not to overspend their budget. What tends to happen is they end up emphasising the areas of the design that deliver the maximum return on investment. This is prevalent in almost all lower cost, mass produced products. Special consideration is given to things like the front panel and volume control knob look and feel etc. Thereby maximising the user experience, enhancing the feeling of quality. Users don't often get to poke their heads around the inside of the unit, look at the pcbs and wiring, to see if the manufacturer used high quality devices and capacitors etc. So why bother when no one will know is the low cost mantra The entry level market segment is well known for cutting corners by going light on quality in the areas it can't be seen. 
Perreaux is different
In spite of being told by others that our bottom up, performance features approach is unconventional, we prefer not to develop products solely with price as the final determinant. Whilst there are many benefits from a top down design, to our thinking it has less overall appeal and is fundamentally opposed to what we stand for at Perreaux. The reality of the situation is that our designs tend to be more of a hybrid between the two competing techniques. Our overarching goal still remains the original bottom up, feature performance breif, however the top down cost centric method also plays an important role in shaping the final product. If doing something using our prefered method proves to be too expensive, we often find ourselves revisting original assumtions. Ultimately we need to remain flexible in our approach, which tends to benefit the overall product design,  thereby appealing to a wider range of budgets.
Niche vs mass manufacturing
Lets not forget to take account of niche vs mass manufacturing into the mix. There is a world of difference between a niche production run of 10 pcs and a mass 3000 piece production run. In essence if you are one of those that value quality, uniqueness and individuality, then Perreaux is for you. If on the other hand you prefer to run with the pack and are satisfied to plod along day after day and never follow your aspirations, then look away now, forget you ever heard the name Perreaux.
We are not about trying to squeeze the very last bit of performance out of our designs. Case in point, lets look a the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier. We have specifically been conservative in the naming of the unit. Most people mistakenly think that the 250i is a 250W amp....actually it is a 360W amp ... we have named it the 250i because it delivers a maximum of 360W into an 8 ohm load and 530W into 4 half of 530W is roughly 250W. Hence we named it the 250i on account of the reason that it easily delivers 250W into 8 ohms and doubles to 500W into a 4 ohm load.
You can view the specificaton of the Eloquence 250i here.
Every time we ship our products, it feels like a little piece of us goes along with it. You see, we accept the order, hand construct, test, QC, audio soak and pack it. By the time each product is carefully packaged and finally sent on its way, it genuinely feels like you are saying goodbye to a close friend. Now I know that sounds a bit rich, but we genuinely put our heart and soul into every item. 
Joining the family
When you purchase our products, it is like you've joined our family clan. You are not dealing with some massive faceless corporate. Actually you can pick up the phone anytime and speak to us directly. No hold music, no departments, just us, the people who design and manufacture your product.
We put the good stuff inside
Please refer to the image of some of our custom designed and manufactured toridal transformers which comprise the heart of our linear power supply designs. They are some of the finest toroids that money can buy. Importantly our designs are very conservative and we never run any components anywhere near their design limits.
We started off using Mosfets in our designs way back in 1974 and have been true to them ever since. Mosfets simply offer superior performance....period. Sure BJT devices are cheaper, but they just don't sound as good as our Mosfet designs. Money isn't everything after all. Superior performance and sound quality have always been the hallmarks behind the Perreaux brand.
Our marks
It's not just the big picture stuff that we pay attention to. The test certification which accompany each unit actually mean something to us. When you unpack your Perreaux, look at the accompanying test certificates and note the signature of the engineer who tested your product. Be assured, if it carries our mark, then it meets and exceeds our published specifications. Our marks are our promise of quality to you.
Small details all add up
Whilst the design of the product is extremely important, what good is the design alone if the manufacturing process is inferior? Like links in a chain, beginning with the design, selection of quality components, superior layout, PCBs, and soldering using only the best solders. These many small details are often overlooked by our competitors. Every aspect is equally important in bringing together a product of the very highest quality standards and performance.
Lifetime of pleasure
We received a telephone call from a user who wanted to re-test is still perfectly functioning Pre Amplifier which we manufactured in the early 80's. Now if that wasn't an endorsement of buying once and buying well to obtain a lifetime of pleasure from, then nothing is.
When you invest in quality Perreaux products you can reach out and satisfy your aspirations for a quality product that you buy once and buy well.


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