Connecting a stand alone phono preamp to your Audiant 80i amplifier

You own an Audiant 80i integrated amplifier with its on board MM phono pre amplifier input. Increasingly you've developed a desire for a serious turntable and off board phono pre amplifier to bolster your enjoyment of vinyl. So how easy is it to achieve? The good news is it's possible to still use the phono input on your 80i integrated amplifier with an off board phono pre amplifier. 

Standard configuration In its standard configuration the phono input to the 80i will be routed through its internal moving magnet phono pre amplifier. This can be internally bypassed allowing you to consider the input to become a regular input.

Converting the phono input to a regular input

On the image below you will see 4 jumpers. By placing each jumper into its alternate position, you can convert the dedicated phono input into a regular input, thereby allowing you to employ an off board phono preamplifier such as the Audiant VP3. Please take note that there are lethal voltages present inside the Audiant 80i. This must be conducted by a registered technician.

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