In my happy place

  • 3 Oct, 2017
  • Perreaux

In my happy place

We have recently supplied a pair of our legendary SR58 loudspeakers to a client. He was so pleased with his Perreaux system, he sent us an image. When watching TV, music videos or listening to music ... he is always in his happy place with Perreaux.

Perreaux system breakdown is as follows:

Audiant 80i  ....  80w integrated amplifier used fior input selection, volume control driving SR58 tweeters 

Audiant 100p ....  100w power amplifier driving SR58 mid range

Prisma 350  .... 350W power amp driving SR58 woofers

SR58 .... Perreaux top of the line loudspeakers

In 20 years from now  ...  he may have changed out his TV a couple of times, but his prudent investment in highest quality NZ made, Perreaux audio products will still be working perfectly, SOUNDING INCREDIBLE and putting a big smile on his face.

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