User comments on the new DAC for 250i and 255i integrated amplifier

  • 16 Nov, 2017
  • Perreaux
  • 255i

We have been receiving some great feedback on our new DAC upgrade for the 250i and the new 255i integrated amplifier.

Adrian S .... Switzerland .... 150i with upgraded DAC

Hi Martin.... Portier Hifi in Geneva have fitted the upgrade of the DAC to my éloquence 150i. They have done an excellent job. My thanks also extend to the manufacturer for the quality of the module as well as for having offered, at all, the option to upgrade. The sonic improvement of HiRes using the USB entry (Server - USB - Perreaux)) compared to "streaming" "Server - CAT6 - BNC/RCA - Perreaux) was evident after a few seconds. Not really a surprise, rather confirming what I experienced with the predecessor module and CD quality files. Luckily, the week-end is announced to be rainy ...

Jimmy L ... 250i A user with upgraded DAC

Hi Martin .... So impressive about the sound quality through this DAC, even I can't  notice much different between this onboard DAC and my Cary audio ddts200 hiend dac which worth $5800 retail. Thanks to make this such good product. 


Mark P .... 255i/DAC user

Hi Marty  ....... Mate this thing has got some GRUNT!!! (but not just loud, very full and detailed musical definition and hearing a hint of the warmth to come i reckon) With these speakers i think i will be limiting the volume to -10. Have only had it up there for a quick demo but even at that the pressure in the room is huge and could literally "feel" the bass pushing into my chest. Very clear, seems to have opened up the soundstage a bit more, definite improvement with dynamics like how a cymbal has been hit and the duration of the reverb with fantastic sustain that keeps continuing on and is soo nice. Incremental background dynamics are more noticable and hearing some amazing musicality giving a hint of what is to come with a good amount of hours on it. (any thoughts or general feedback on optimal running in periods?) All in all very very nice already. Although the CXA 5000 and MXA 5000 Combo Yamaha is "Only a Yamaha", it is still a nice setup and combined units are in the $10k range so not a slouch and not cheap but can definitely notice immediate improvements with the 255i. Currently got Phil Collins "Live at Montreau" running and just simply "Bloody Good!!" (It makes me smile just listening and that says it all) Very happy .... Thanks Marty,


You can find out more on the new 255i here.

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