Danish 250i owner recommends ... a-ha - Take On Me [ Live From MTV Unplugged, Giske / 2017 ]

  • 18 Nov, 2017
  • Perreaux

Taken from the forthcoming album/DVD a-Ha: MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice

Personal recommendation from Perreaux fan and eloquence 250i owner in Denmark ..... Jens E

You can check out Jens E system here ..... 


Hi Marty, I remember you smiled a bit because I used the Elequence 250i with small Rega Speakers. Well I know the Eloquence 250i is created to handle some more interesting speakers. So here we go. Now I am trying Blue Trumpet Model Two. The Eloquence just handles things perfectly and music is really amazing on this system. Also I upgraded the Rega P5 to a RP8 also really something. Notice the new LP in the corner. It is the new A-HA from MTV unplugged. You really must try youtube the track "Take On Me" from MTV Unplugged, I think its amazing and should especially be played via Perreaux amps:-)

Hope everything is well in New Zealand. Kindest Jens E ... Denmark


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