Restoring the Perreaux ML80 5 Way Loudspeakers Part 1

Loudspeakers come in all shapes and sizes. Today it is about being heard but not seen if at all possible. The problem is that for a base reflex design loudspeaker to work well, it is always better off with a generous sized cabinet.

The Perreaux ML80 loudspeaker was released in 1978 at the absolute peak of hi-fi mania. I recall listening to a pair of them when my father visited a friend. Oh they were definitely his pride and joy. Along with his 200W Perreaux power amplifier and matching pre amplifier and record player .... what a sound as he played Rick Wakeman way up loud. 

An old pair of ML80 came up for sale a number of years ago and we just had to have them. And so the restoration journey began.

Here is the original spec sheet fotr the Perreaux ML80 5 way 90 watt loudspeakers.

We dropped them off at our cabinetmalers to be fixed up and he took one look at the tatty old cabinets and there they sat in his workshop for 5 long years on his 'to do list'.

We got the yearning to hear them again and sent all 10 drivers off to be reconed and tested at Axent Audio in Auckland. They are loudspeaker driver restoration specialists and a few weeks later they were returned to us, all repaired for a very modest sum.

Our cabinet maker wanted to do a great job on them, without a total rebuild, so everything was replaced with the exception of the front panel. Today he collected them from the painters and dropped them into Perreaux for refitting and testing. Wow he did a great job. Finished in stained mahogany veneer timber, exactly as per the original and finished in a 30% gloss laquer. they already command attention.

To follow is an imagesof the cabinets and drivers. Now the fun really begins.


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