Factory/ Showroom Perreaux SR710 cabinets arrive.

Our Factory/Showroom demo pair of Perreaux SR710 cabinets have just arrived. We have some work to do to fit them out and have them all up and running in time to demo them early in the new year. 

So you think you've heard hi-end audio  .... you're going to be in for a pleasant surprise when you visit our factory showroom next year. On display we will feature the Perreaux  SR35, Perreaux SR58 and the incredible Perreaux SR710. Complete with active crossovers, these will be acheive as good a sound as we are capable of producing.

All will be matched with our Perreaux amps etc....

It promises to be a 'tour de force' of Perreaux products and a great experience to all those who enjoy highest quality audio.

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