Bi amping

  • 10 Feb, 2017
  • Perreaux



We were recently contacted by a user of our legendary Perreaux SR58 loudspeakers. He had been using them in conjunction with the eloquence 250i integrated amplifier which under normal listening conditions works just fine. He recently had a few friends over, the doors were swung open, system turned up loud, the kids were dancing on the deck outside and after a period of time the 250i was overheating and shutting down.


This is not an abnormal situation as the SR58 can really throw it out there and it takes alot of enegy to keep them going long term. The solution was to separate the tweeters and mid clusters from the woofers at the loudspeaker and bring on a serious power amplifier, solely dedicated to the task of driving the 4 woofers in the SR58.

The 350 was selected as the bi amp to be used in conjunction with the 250i.

The bi amping solution works as follows:

MASTER INTEGRATED AMP The eloquence 250i is an integrated amp, so it retains control of the system. All volume and input selection commands are done by the 250i. The 250i is retained to drive both the left and right tweeters and mid range drivers to perfection.


SLAVE POWER AMP The 350 is a power amp which electrically tethered to the 250i by a pair of RCA cables, plugged into the pre out signal connections at the rear of the 250i and  RCA input connectors at the rear of the 350. The 250i and 350 are also connected by a low voltage trigger cable. This means if you switch on/off the 250i via the IR remote, the 350 will also switch on and off.

If you are bi amping your system, then you must have access to all speaker elements on your loudspeakers. The SR58 gives you this as standard.

Bi amping is an elegant solution to an all too frequent problem of speakers demanding more than a single amp can deliver alone.

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