Seeking Mr. Fabulous

  • 8 Feb, 2017
  • Perreaux

Dunedin, New Zealand based Perreaux is seeking applications for a very special person. You will be an experienced electronics engineer with a track record of designing highest quality componentry. 

Something different

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, am I happy in my current position? Do I really enjoy what I do, or has work become a 'just 5 more minutes in bed, then I have to get up to be at work on time' job. Has the boss got you all compartmentalised so that you just do X and never Y. Are you sick of saying to yourself, How can I fly like an eagle when I'm surrounded by turkeys!

If you are that someone special electronics engineer, sharp as a tack, devoted and loyal who really wants a challenge and isn't afraid to roll your sleeves up for a bit of hard work.....and even sometimes work some crazy hours to get things done.......then you could be our Mr. Fabulous!


Whats involved Basically you do it all, you name it, you do it. I call it wearing many hats. One minute you will be building and testing something, next you have to devote your attention to solving an issue, Then you may find time for some design or to work away at some of the big picture projects. In short there never seems to be enough hours in the day. bet. two days are the same. Linchpin of're the man! The weight of the world can rest on your shoulders at times.

Dunedin New Zealand What a great place to live and work. I'm keen on the term 'work life balance'. Our family relocated from Auckland to Dunedin approx 12 years ago and everyone said once you leave Auckland, you can't afford to return. Probably true, but life's a journey and we have enjoyed each and every day here in lovely Dunedin. 100,000 people can't all be wrong. Dunedin has a quality of life which is to die for. Best schools, high quality reasonably priced housing, safe and inviting, city of culture, nature, mountainbiking and hiking paradise, brilliant university and hospital facilities, friendly kind 'can do' people. We have 6 lovely kids and feel it is the very best place to raise a family and just about everything else you could hope for. It does get a tad chilly at times, so dress warmly and heat your home in winter. The flip side, summers are usually hot and dry. Check it out for yourself 

Perreaux....designed and manufactured in New Zealand and sold to the world There can't be many companies that can still boast that they are doing it all themselves. Sure we looked at Asian manufacture, but we are too specialised to seriously consider it, so we stayed here and focus relentlesly on doing it all ourselves and on lasting quality and value. Quality of design, components, manufacture and testing. We only want the best for our loyal customers. And they are so very very loyal. Once they invest in a Perreaux, they rarely change. The only thing some do over time is get a bigger one! Incredible to think that in the past 18 years, Perreaux has been sold into 44 countries. Everywhere from Argentina to Vietnam!

 The Perreaux factory here is an image showing the air conditioned assembly/test area of the factory.


4 new projects We have 4 new product developments currently our books which are all progressing in one form or another. In some ways it is an exciting time to join as there will be lots to do to see them to completion and release to our customers. In other ways, there will undoubtedly be challenges!



Business partner My wife and I have owned Perreaux for the last 18 of its incredible 42 year history and I can say 'hand on heart' that it has been a heck of a ride. Lots and lots of excitement, stress and at times worry, but never once have we felt bored. We were talking the other evening and thoughts of taking on a business partner came up. I guess it is all about perspective and where you are at in life and where you wish to go. If you are looking for more than just another position and want to own a chunk of Perreaux, then lets talk.

Investor Alternately, you may just like what we are doing and want to be a passive investor, then lets talk.

In summary We are seeking Mr. Fabulous, however if Mr. Fabulous wishes to go all the way and get some 'skin in the game', we can look at that option. Altertnately if you are an investor who likes what we do and wants to have a piece of the pie, happy to talk about that too.









 Electronics Engineer - Perreaux


  •          Opportunity to play a pivotal role in NZ's premier high end audio consumer electronics design and manufacturing company
  •          You will be responsible for the development a range of highest quality 'in house' manufactured audio components   
  •          Your base will be the manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Dunedin - presenting an unequalled work/lifestyle opportunity 
  •          The possibility of an employee incentive scheme is on offer for the right candidate


Your skill sets will include:

  •          Superior high level skills in both analogue and digital electronics, including emerging DSP field.
  •          Expertise with high quality class AB amplifier designs. A strong knowledge of class D hybrids an advantage.
  •          Coding embedded chipsets
  •          Exceptional sole charge responsibility role, suits organised, higher functioning personality thriving in a complex multitasking role.


New product development:

  •          Responsibility for complete product schematic, component selection and PCB design
  •          Mastery of high-end  DSP environments.
  •          Embedded software programming
  •          Solidworks mechanical design
  •          Development,  testing and cost analysis of prototypes
  •          Documentation including product manuals etc.


This full-time position also involves considerable 'hands on' production, planning & product testing.


If you're the kind of person who is prepared to roll your sleeves up and are filled with a ‘can do' attitude  …. we’d like to hear from you.


Please apply in confidence to:


Martin van Rooyen

Managing Director

Perreaux Industries ltd

Perreaux Products