Perreaux, the backbone of your audio system

Here our agent is showcasing a simple and elegant system in which the Perreaux Audiant 80i integrated amp and Perreaux Prisma 350 both play leading roles.  

What you get with the Audiant 80i is a beautifully elegant and highest quality integrated amplifier which is capable of accepting analogue (including phono) and digital sources. Complete with system remote, the Audiant 80i is a timeless statement piece of highest quality audio engineering

The Prisma is a 'whole different kettle of fish'. A power amp with massive reserves of power on tap. It will effortlessly control even the most demanding loads. You can upgrade your speakers many times over, but chances are you will never trade in your Prisma 350.


Lets hope our Lithuanian agents are rewarded for all their efforts.

UAB “Muzikos мagijos salonas”

Reg#: 300568244, VAT code: LT100002455017  

Kretingos g., 24A, Klaipeda LT-92211, Lithuania

Dr Artases Gazarian


In this image, our agent is showcasing the mighty Perreaux 350, which acts as the backbone of any high quality audio system.

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