In the near future we will be offering an upgrade to the internal DAC module for the Eloquence series 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers.

We are seeking expressions of interest from owners of eloquence series amplifiers who may want to purchase the new DAC module and have their amplifiers upgraded to the latest generation firmware.

NEW DAC PCB features at a glance are:

4 printed circuit board solution specifically designed for the Eloquence 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers.

Top of the line ES9038PRO DAC chipset.

1 x Galvanically isolated,  asynchronous (XMOS) USB input ..... DSD 256,  PCM 384 capable

2 x Coaxial inputs (192)

2 x optical inputs (192)

Firmware upgrade, with enhanced display features available on reflash.

Please send an email to, stating your name, eloquence model, serial number and country of residence to us, so we can email you directly with our offer shortly.

Kind regrds Martin van Rooyen

Perreaux Products