Recycling songs

  • 11 Jul, 2017
  • Perreaux

"Love is the drug" was written and released by Roxy Music on their smash hit album "Siren" way back in 76 ... picked up and reworked by many others since... it still resonates with many....

You can view the original Roxy Music version here.

Along comes Grace Jones in 1980, who reworked the song on her album "warm leatherette" You can listen to her version of it here.

Australian band, The Divinyls then took it up in 93 on their album The Collection. I am particularily taken with lead singer Chrissy Amphlett performs it. Her voice is so distinctive and it is sung in such a sultry tone. Just love it. You can listen to the Divinyls version of love is the drug here. ..... this is my personal favourite.

In 2007, diminuative Kylie Minogue even had a lash at it  .... You can listen to the singing Budgies version here.

Yesterday i was listening to Groove Armada 'late Night tales" where the original version features. Late Night Tales is an interesting compilation/remix album.

2010 sees Ali Campbell of UB40 fame do a cover of it. hey why not everyone else has... Listen to Ali's version here. 

Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame then performed it on the soundtrack for movie "the great Gatsby" here. 

Recyling songs ..... been going on forever  .....  sounds good to me.


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