After sales satisfaction

  • 14 Jul, 2017
  • Perreaux

After sales satisfaction

Sometimes you buy things that don't really live up to their hype. We would like to think that this is not the case when you invest in Perreaux. Here are a few recent comments from our customers.

US Prisma 350 customer

As for the amp, it is getting sweeter and sweeter every 10 to 12 hours. It is so wonderful in it's sound, that at times I simply cannot believe it. It does sound almost like a good tube amp, but a lot better. It is all I ever want in a amp. The power is perfect, it's all I'll ever need, The weight is not bad ( no complaints at all about it's weight ) , It only runs a little warm and to me, that is perfect, it should run warm, at least it's not a Class D amp, thank God. I just love it and I thank my lucky stars you talked me into it, and I thank my lucky stars I listened to you. It's a crying shame not enough of the audio community in the world don't know what you do as they are missing out on a fabulous power amplifier. I also want to say how I loved that little inscription at the back under the speaker connectors where it says  " MADE IN NUCLEAR FREE NEW ZEALAND"   Now that is something to be proud of and  I am really proud that those words are on my 350, to me, and in my opinion, it makes my 350 more valuable.  I am a little envious of you living in beautiful New Zealand.

Prisma 350 power amplifier

New Zealand Audiant VP3 customer

Damn this is sounding better and better!  

Audiant VP3 phono preamplifier

French integrated amplifier customer

I just received my amplifier and unpacked it . It is really beautiful and I really like what I see . I already know that it has the criterias to stay with me for quite a long time!



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