Better with age

  • 25 Aug, 2017
  • Perreaux

I've taken to looking over a few Youtube videos recently. So interesting to see how some of the bands have changed over the years. Here are a few that may peek your interest.


I just love this guy. Such a great artist. Watch him as he cranks out the beats in 82. Note the quick exist stage left for a top up. I've have seen him perform live .... what a great artist and performance.

You can watch his 82 live performance of Steppin Out here.

Roll forward to 2015. Still going strong, but my my my how he has beautifully morphed his classic. Love it.

You can watch Joe perform Steppin Out live in Rotterdam in 2015 here.


Ah the B52's. I've also had the pleasure of seeing them perform live twice. I love this band.

Watch them perform Private Idaho in 1980

And now watch them perform Private Idaho in 2016

Billy Idol

Oh my God, the bad boy of rock. watch him perform eyes without a face live in 84 ... so much raw arrogance and F the world attitude on display.

You can watch Billy perform eyes without a face live in 84 here

Now watch in 2010 as he performed the same song again live .... amazing guitar solo and performance.


So do rock artists get better with age .... in some ways ... I really think that they do.

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