Early feedback on the new 255i

  • 8 Feb, 2018
  • Perreaux
  • 255i

Early feedback and reviews are starting to come in on our new 255i integrated amplifier. We remain firmly of the opinion that with its all new integral 'ES9038 PRO' based DAC chipset it is nothing short of stellar. Customers have written to us saying ... they are really enjoying what they are hearing.


HI Marty. I have no idea what the changes are to the 255i from the 250i (maybe you can tell me?), however this amplifier is absolutely sensational - I always liked all your amps, but this sets a new standard. The voicing is perfect the bass is a little more extended than the 250, which is no bad thing.


Dear Martin, I send you the review of Perreaux 255i  in "What Hi-Fi? Russia" magazine.

Verdict: a rare combination of  analytical preciseness  and emotionality

Pro: rich, dynamic and detailed sound; emotionality; modularity; solid appearance and workmanship

Cons: nothing


It feels to us that we are on track with our journey to a search for small incremental improvements and feel we have acheived this with the release of the new 255i integrated amplifier.

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