Restoring the Perreaux ML80 5-Way Loudspeakers ... Final conclusions

We recently wrote about our attempt to restore a pair of Perreaux ML80 5-Way loudspeakers from the 1970's

Restoring the Perreaux ML80 5way loudspeakers part 1

It is now early 2018 and it is with a touch of resignation that we have to admit that in spite of a full and costly restoration process (new cabinets, all drivers restored, crossovers rebuilt), they look great but don't really sound as good as we had hoped they would.

Yes we could spend more time reworking the crossovers and perform spectral analysis on them, but it just doesn't feel right. Its like taking an early Porsche and repowering it with a brand new engine ... ok for some but not for us.

So letting you know that we were hopeful of amazing things from our 1970s era ML80 5 way loudspeakers ....  but sadly no .... it was not to be.

Clearly loudspeaker driver and crossover technology has continued to move forward and what once undoubtedly a great speaker, now feels strangely clumsy, underwhelming and sonically disjointed. 

To contrast these against our current loudspeaker lineup  ... there is simply no contest.

Hope springs eternal!



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