New Perreaux DAC module dines on Rasberry Pi

Stuart in the UK recently sold his faithful 150i and purchased a second hand Perreaux 250i and then had our new DAC module fitted

Stuart writes:

I'm thoroughly enjoying the 250i. I thought the 150i was managing to drive my Monitor Audio PL300's with  ease but now that I've got the 250i I realise it probably wasn't.

Maybe just as well I didn't audition the 255i or my wife would be wondering where all our savings had vanished to! 

 One thing the new DAC has surprised me with is how easy it for for me to distinguish the different digital sources are that I've been trying out lately. Listening through my old Audiolab MDAC I struggled to tell any difference between them but through the new Perreaux DAC it's far easier.  I have been experimenting using Raspberry Pi's as transports (got 3, a Pi using USB out, a Pi with an Allo DigiOne SPDIF and a Pi with a HiFI Berry Digi+Pro SPDIF)  against Pi's with HAT DACs fitted (an Allo Paino2.1, IQAudio PiDac+ and a modified IQAudio PiDac+ fitted with charcroft Z-Foil resistors). The Perreaux DAC wins hands down against the HAT DAC's as expected but it really shows up the differences with the SPDIF boards. Now wishing I'd kept my Perreaux CDt to see how it performs with the new DAC! 

 Regards Stuart    

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