Introducing Edwin Nieman, the new owner of Perreaux

  • 14 Jun, 2018
  • Perreaux

Perreaux founded in 1974 

Perreaux is a New Zealand designed and manufactured, Hi-End Audio company which was founded by Peter Perreaux in 1974. My time with Perreaux started way back in 1998 and I've stuck steadfastly to the vision of wanting to create some of the best sounding audio products money can buy. We sure have built a large quantity of units during the past 20 years, but still remain a specialised company, fully dedicated to our craft of creating highest quality audio products.

The right stuff

Perreaux is an iconic NZ audio brand with a fine pedigree and wonderfully rich heritage. As such everything has been done to remain true to the founders original vision. By far the most important aspect was the many talented and dedicated people who worked for the company over the years. Without their contribution, Perreaux would have just been another brand. To my mind we represent the classic Kiwi story.

No one ever said we couldn’t, so we just got on with it and gave it our very best shot.

New Zealand is full of companies just like us. With a tiny domestic market, a million miles from anywhere and every other challenge you can imagine, and yet off we go, get stuck in and give it our vesy best shot. When you think about it, that's precisely why we achieved what we did and like famous New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb the tallest mountain in the world,  Mt Everest, Perreaux has always attracted special people who were drawn to the challenge.

The secret sauce was and will always remain the people who dedicated their time and love to share in the vision of doing something unique. In so many ways, Perreaux embodies the classic New Zealand story of achieving greatness against all odds.

I want to sincerely thank the many very fine people who have contributed to the development and production of our units over the years, the strong efforts of our many overseas agents and to all who have invested in quality Perreaux audio products. I feel that I leave the company in better shape than when I took it over and am confident that it will continue to meet and master the challenges in the years ahead.


 All about the sound

You invest in Perreaux because you’ve got great taste and importantly, buckets of passion for a full bodied audio performance and simply demand the best. Once you own a Perreaux audio system you just can’t help but develop a wry smile every time you consider the main stream alternatives.





Peter has just purchased and received our latest creation called the 255i

Peter writes ..... Hi Martin ….. Woooooow you guys have completely changed, enhanced and fulfilled our sounds. Huge congrats my friend. The 255i is a beautiful thing. I have matched it with my 405 images and 8” Q ceiling speakers, and Q wall mounted box speakers. Added to the middle ground is REL Strata3 sub.  The 255i projects a full warm sound, the speakers have responded. I am stunned ... thank you.... cheers Peter


Introducing Edwin Nieman

Perreaux new owner is a first class Dunedin based electronics engineer and owner of Kamahi Electronics. Kamahi are a highly successful, Dunedin NZ based electronics design and manufacturing facility with an extensive list of local and international clientele. 

Edwin was born in The Netherlands, is a New Zealand resident who is conversant in English, Dutch, German and Spanish. He is also a very keen long distance runner, pilot and travels extensively. 

Edwin and his team of 20 electronic engineers will bring an incredible depth of expertise to Perreaux and I'm in no doubt that he will successfully navigate the company through a next exciting chapter in it's long history.

Perreaux is in for a very excting journey and I wish him and his team all the very best in the years ahead.


Thank you all so much for 20 wonderful years at the helm of Perreaux. I’m very excited for the company under Edwin’s careful and energetic guidance. Please watch this space!

I close with a line from my all time favourite sci fi movie called 'Blade Runner' 

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe .. all those moments will be lost in time .. like tears in the rain

All the very best and please keep in touch

Martin van Rooyen

Perreaux Products