Perreaux Products


Integrated Amplifiers

Perreaux have a range of integrated amplifiers that not only achieved award winning performance but also providing internal DACs, Phono Stages, Balanced Inputs, Home Theatre Loops and more.

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Audiant 100p and DP32

Pre/Power Amplifiers

Pre and Power Amplifier Combos push the limits of what the hardware is capable of. Perreaux have these available in two ranges, Audiant and Prisma, catering for the most demanding of listeners.

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Audiant SR35 Floorstanding Loudspeaker


Audiant SR35 is a 2-way floorstanding vented loudspeaker, capable of delivering low bass and effortless dynamics from a compact, small footprint cabinet.

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Perreaux Interconnects and Cables

Superior audio components demand superior interconnects and cables. Don't settle for less. Perreaux have a range of cables designed to do one thing, connect Perreaux products and allow the music to show through.

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Audiant DP32 USB DAC Preamplifier Front Angle


The Audiant range of USB DACs, preamplifiers and amplifiers offer an elegant design using today's high definition technology that lets you hear your music like you've never heard it before.

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éloquence 250i


The éloquence range includes all the hallmarks of Perreaux design – high power, authoritative speaker control, MOSFET output devices, low distortion and solid build-quality.

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Prisma 350


Conceived as a range of high end hi fi audio products for the audiophile, the team at Perreaux designed the Prisma series from their famous professional audio products to bring the era of professional quality products into your living room.

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