Prisma SM6 MkII Balanced Stereo Preamplifier

The Prisma Series SM6 MkII Balanced Stereo Preamplifier is a fully balanced hi fi audio stereo preamplifier.

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Prisma 350 Stereo Power Amplifier

The Prisma 350 is a 350W per-channel stereo power amplifier. The high power output allows the 350 to effortlessly drive any loudspeakers with the precision, detail and authority that Perreaux products are renowned for.

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Prisma 750 Monoblock Power Amplifier

The Prisma Series 750 is a high quality, reference, 750W monoblock hi fi audio power amplifier, incorporating true-balanced circuit topology and custom designed toroid power supply.

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Conceived as a range of high end hi fi audio products for the audiophile, the team at Perreaux designed the Prisma series from their famous professional audio products to bring the era of professional quality products into your living room.

The Prisma series carries many of the hallmarks of the professional products, such as rugged build quality, highly specified toroid transformers, smoothing capacitors and rectifiers. Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs, high quality speaker terminals and earth lift switch feature on each unit.

Amplifiers in the range feature abundant power to drive the most difficult of loads, yet are refined to offer the highest audio fidelity to the most discerning listener.

Are you interested in listening to Prismafind your nearest dealer to experience the Prisma range of hi fi audio products for yourself.